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I'm a Lion

2012-02-08 04:16:18 by thatguy669606

And I'm proud of it.

I love post rock!

2011-12-12 05:20:45 by thatguy669606

It makes me happy inside.

So, who else hates the fact that fucking gay ass fucking gay fucking game sites like "games4u" and "games4girls" and what not post like 400 piece of shit flash games on here daily, yet no one blams them because they are mediocre and to most people mediocre means "Oh, I'm a fag and I'll give it a 2." By the way, fuck punctuation and grammar. Got some E&J in me and I don't give a fuck. Suck my dick. please.


2010-12-12 04:12:53 by thatguy669606

If you are some kind of sad looser who comes across this then go listen to my new jams. It's slow and melancholy and shit. Do it or you're a fag.

Fun Fun

2010-02-26 04:24:22 by thatguy669606

So, I decided that I want to write a lot more ambient, dance style tracks, so I made a separate account for that stuff. It'll all be under Zzzzoinks. Anything I post to this account from now on will the results of my dicking around on FL Studio. And it will all probably sound like dick cheese.

leave me some fucking luvin!


2009-10-16 04:09:24 by thatguy669606

If anyone would like their song or flash reviewed feel free to drop a comment here with the link and I'll be sure to check it out, rate, and review it ASAP.

7 Sins

2009-09-03 03:03:48 by thatguy669606

Hey, working on a set of 7 experimental songs, each themed around one of the 7 Deadly Sins. Check em' out if you got time, I promise they will all be more interesting then the last.

Just posted Greed of the 7 Sins set I am doing.
Go to: /269522
If you have time to check it out.
Any critisism would be greatly appreciated.

Check out that picture and tell me you did not just shit your pants in ecstasy.

I did :)

Holy horse fucking shit, this is the best fucking shit ever


2008-10-23 16:47:19 by thatguy669606

I need inspiration for new me out.
Don't care how...say a word that sounds cool, or tell me something that would cool.
Or tell me to go listen to certain music that is inspirational...whatever, just do it. Please.